How to share the new to your kids about moving far away from family and friends.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Moving Far Away

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Anybody who has ever been through a local or long-distance relocation will tell you that it is incredibly tiring and stressful. There are so many things to do and take care of, like finding a good moving company and traveling, packing, unpacking, etc. And there are many articles and tips online for how to do that smoothly, but there is one aspect of long-distance moving that tends to get overlooked. And that is moving with kids. Leaving an old home and moving far away is an emotional experience for adults, but you can probably imagine it is even more emotional for kids. So you have to be gentle when you talk to your kids about moving far away. The worst thing you can do is tell them on moving day and catch them off guard. In this article, we will try to help you with that and give you some guidelines and tips.

Don’t delay

When telling your children that you are moving away, it is essential to do it as early as possible. The biggest mistake you can make is to delay it. That will only complicate things. Your children will appreciate that you told them early and gave them enough time to accept the news. As we have already said, the worst scenario would be for the children to find out on the day of the move. And according to moving and storage experts at Spyder Moving, who know what they are talking about, this happens often, making the moving process much more difficult. That would be a massive shock for them. They would also lose the trust they had in you. Be absolutely sure you’re moving before you tell them. They do not need to go through that experience if you change your mind after a week.

Talk to your kids about moving far away honestly

The next important thing is to be honest in your presentation. When you tell them, tell them the complete truth. Do not try to sugarcoat the situation and present it as it is not. Please don’t give them false hope that maybe you won’t move after all. This can only have the opposite effect. Your children will hold hope, and when they find out that you are moving, after all, the disappointment will be twice as big. Also, talk to them like an adult. For children, moving is a serious situation and a big change in their life. Of course, you don’t need to be cruel but honest and decisive. Your children will appreciate it and be grateful later.

Be positive

When you tell them the news that you are moving, the tone in which you tell them is essential. If they see that you are sad and in a bad mood because you are leaving, your children will feel it too. It is important to explain why moving is good for your whole family. Focus on the positives and the future. You can show them pictures of your new home and their new bedroom. Tell them some interesting facts about the new city where they will live. It is important that they are also excited about the move. Explain to them that you will have many more fun family memories in your new home.

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Give them time

In some cases, no matter how positive you made it sound and how honest you were, your kids will still have a bad reaction. This is entirely normal. They just found out that their whole life is going to change. They will be leaving the city they have probably been living in since their birth. And they will have to say goodbye to their friends and school. When this happens, you must give them space and time to grieve. The worst thing you can do is yell at them or tell them to stop being upset. That will make everything worse. They will need your support and understanding. Moreover, you should tell them that their feelings are completely normal and valid. Listen to what they have to say and acknowledge it. Allow them to grieve and be gentle. With time they will understand and accept your decision to move.

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Include them

The best way to talk to your kids about moving far away is to include them in the process. Make them feel like they have a say in the matter as well. This will make moving interesting for kids. There are many ways to have fun while doing this. For example, your kids can help you with packing and as a reward, let them decorate the moving boxes. This will keep them busy for a while, and you will be able to focus on other tasks. Then you can let them throw a fun going away party. Invite their school friends and have one more fun playdate in the house. Another thing you can do is promise to let them decorate their new rooms. This will make them excited and give them something to look forward to.

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Make a scrapbook

Your kids have spent many fun years in the house they are about to leave. So it is natural they will be sad and want to bring a piece of their home with them. What you should do is help them make a scrapbook. Collect all the fun memories, pictures, and gifts in one place so that they will always have something to remind them of their old home when they leave. Take as many photos and videos as you can. Your kids will appreciate it in the future.

In conclusion

Long-distance moving with kids isn’t easy. And you are bound to have some bumps on the road. But as you can see, there is a good way to talk to your kids about moving far away. You just have to do it on time. And be open and honest about everything. Explain why you are doing this and how it will impact their lives. Try and make them feel included in the process and be optimistic about the future. And equally important, allow them to grieve.

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