How to Help Your Senior Parents relocate from one home to the other

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There are many possible reasons for your senior parents to be in a situation where they must move house. One of the most common ones is that they can no longer care for themselves and now have to live closer to you. Another usual one is that the house they are living in right now isn’t adjusted for senior living, and they are in search of a new home, that is. Keep in mind that even if you don’t manage to find one right away, you can always make it more accessible for them later on. Whatever the reason for the move is, there are certain key things to pay attention to if you want to help your senior parents move house properly.

Support them emotionally

Before the move

A good way to help your senior parents move house is to prepare them for the experience psychologically. Most seniors will have a big problem wrapping their heads around it because they have to move. Usually, this is because they became accustomed to the home where they have spent such a long time. This applies both to the emotional connection they probably have to their home and the purely physical furniture arrangement they like.

Tip 1

The first thing to do to help them deal with leaving home to which they have emotionally connected is to get them excited about the place to which they are moving. The best way to get your senior parents excited about a new place they are moving to is to find out what they love about the area they are living in now and find out which of those things apply to the new area, and tell them about those. This can range from learning about their favorite hobbies and pastimes in the area are, to learning about the features their favorite sights and parks offer. Make sure to note the things that can see possible improvement in the new area.

Alt text: Senior mother and her daughter hugging and laughing.Caption: If you want to help your senior parents move house, support them emotionally.

Tip 2

Now, when it comes to making the adjustment period for living in their new house go smoother, your best bet is to already plan the furniture arrangement before moving so that it can emulate their old home as much as possible. Of course, the new house isn’t going to be able to look exactly like the old one. But, as long as you get the general arrangement of the old home right, you should be good. The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to this way to help your senior parents move house is the lesser the change, the lesser the stress.

After the move

You probably felt homesick the first time you moved away from your parents. So you can probably imagine how difficult it is for your senior parents who have lived in the home for twenty years or more. This is why you need to help seniors deal with homesickness by keep checking in on them even after you have finished helping them move house. This can be as simple as visiting to talk about their feelings or making them laugh. Feeling homesick is almost inescapable in this kind of situation, so you should always make sure that you make them feel at home in their new place if you want to help your parents move house.

Start packing up early

The earlier you inform your senior parents about the move, the better. This is especially important if your parents are supposed to move internationally. Moving internationally can be an even bigger shock to a lot of seniors. Even adjusting to the difference between two relatively culturally similar countries, such as America and Canada, can be very stressful.

If you start packing only a week before your parents are supposed to move, it can become much too hectic for them. This can cause way too much stress and/or confusion. However, if you start packing on time, room by room, it can be a calmer atmosphere for them, and they will have enough time to let the idea of moving sink in.

Plan ahead meticulously

If you want to help your senior parents move house, you have to do everything you can to avoid unnecessary surprises during the move. It would help if you weren’t abrupt when telling your senior parents where they will be moving and how. Of course, if the situation calls for being a bit faster, it’s fine.

It would be best if you started planning as soon as possible since a detailed plan can decide between a stressful and a not stressful move. Any bigger

last-minute changes and unexpected occurrences can really throw seniors off.

Alt text: “To do” on a square note. Caption: A checklist can be a great way to avoid your senior parents getting confused by the moving schedule.

Hiring movers can also be an excellent way to ensure everything goes to plan since they have experience organizing a proper move. Keep in mind that professionals from advise asking for moving agents who have had previous experience in moving seniors. Movers who have previously handled packing and moving furniture and items for seniors can be more empathetic and patient towards them and more appropriately help your senior parents move house.

Help your parents move by getting them involved

Something else that is an essential component in the moving process is to let the moving sink in. The best way to do that is to have your parents be a part of the process. If they help by packing or carrying lighter items, it can make them feel like the move is more of an activity than a sad experience.

Another important reason to include your parents in moving is that there is a high chance that they have collected a lot of important memorabilia over the years which they would want control over. Losing or damaging an essential item during the move can make this a much worse situation for your parents.

Keep their health in mind

Two main mistakes have to do with seniors’ health people make when helping them move. 

First, they don’t keep in mind that seniors are forgetful. When you fill their day with tasks such as packing and moving, some seniors might forget to eat or drink enough water. The most important thing to remind them of is to keep up with their medication schedule.

Alt text: A person packing medicine in a compartmented box. Caption: Compartmented medicine boxes can help your senior parents keep track of their medicine schedules.

The second thing to keep in mind is whether they have any disability. When planning ahead, it is essential to remember to organize their living space to be easily accessible. For instance, if their space has to be organized to help with a visual impairment, you can periodically come by and help your parents declutter.

If you want to help your parents relocate, you have to be there for them

Our final trip for you is to remember that, for your parents, the experience of moving doesn’t end here. Keeping up good communication with them is the best thing you could do to help your senior parents move house. – featured image – picture 1 – Picture 2 – Picture 3


Whatever the reason for the move is, there are certain key things to learn if you want to help your senior parents move house properly.