5 reasons to hire professional packing services! Better be safe than sorry!!

10 Sep by Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD (Expert Mover)

5 reasons to hire professional packing services! Better be safe than sorry!!

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Getting ready for relocation? If so, you’re probably wondering how you will deal with all the stuff you’re planning to move. In other words – how will you prepare it for the upcoming trip. Well, let’s just say it’s best you leave all that work to professionals. Also, we’re not just saying that without any proof. That’s the main point of this article – to show you why avoiding hiring professional packers isn’t something you’d want to do. We’ll name you 5 reasons to hire professional packing services, and after you finish reading the last paragraph, you’ll pick up the phone and let the pros spare you some trouble.

1. You’ve got better things to do

You’ve probably heard this already, but being well-organized is the key to success, whether you’re relocating to a different country or building a birdhouse. There are certainly better examples than building a birdhouse, but none come to mind. Anyway, you get the point. While you’re preparing for a move, you’ll have a full schedule of things that you need to do to successfully go through the ordeal. You don’t want to lose your hair over this, do you? Among many tasks that lay ahead, one of them concerns packing your stuff in a way that guarantees that they’ll have a safe trip to your new home. Leaving that messy part to the professionals will give you some much-needed time to organize other details of the relocation. Also, you’ll be sure your items will reach their destination the safest way possible. More about that later.

By hiring professionals to pack your stuff, you’ll free some space in your schedule weeks before the moving day arrives.

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2. Your top priority is to avoid unneeded stress

Okay, this goes without saying, but it’s for the best we elaborate a bit. We’ll start with a scary image: packing can turn into an absolute nightmare. Firstly, you’ll need to obtain materials. That’s the easy part. You can get free boxes from your local shopkeeper or find them very cheap on the web. Here comes the tricky part. Once you’ve obtained the packing material, you’ll need to carefully pack each item. You’ll need to make sure you’ve done your best preparing your stuff for the road. There’s a good chance you’ll lose some nerves figuring out how to pack your items. Also, let’s say you’ve got a fantastic book collection. Imagine the time you’ll need to pack them. It might be best to pay a visit to the Verified Movers database and find a packing crew that perfectly suits your needs. There’s plenty of them, so you’ll have no trouble finding the right one.

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Don’t lose your nerves over something that can seem so benign, like packing. Find the right crew to handle the task.

3. It’s pretty affordable

Another cool thing about professional packing services is that they’re really affordable. Also, you would undoubtedly lose more money trying to recover your damaged items. The DIY option always seems cheaper, but that’s only a wrong first impression. If you knew how many times people lost their valuables just by trying to do everything themselves, you’d see that hiring professional packers is an option you cannot avoid. Or you might think you’re very lucky? It’s up to you to calculate the risk, but it might be best to consider our recommendation.

4. Moving specialty items?

Some things deserve and require a little more care than your regular items. Let’s say you have an antique mirror that has been in your family for over a century. It has been passed down through the family tree, and now’s your turn to take care of it. Imagine what would happen if you were to pack it inappropriately. All hell breaks loose; that’s what happens. Also, don’t forget seven years of bad luck you’ll earn by breaking the mirror. So, to avoid that overly unwelcome scenario, you can hire pros to take care of your specialty items. Even the birds in the trees know antiques can be tricky to handle, so we guess you know what to do. There’s no other way around it.

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Moving your family heirlooms is a task that deserves your utmost attention. Feel free to hire pros to make sure your stuff gets to the destination without getting scarred or something.

4.1. Professional packers have superior packing materials

We’ll try to be quick here. As we’ve already mentioned how easy it is to obtain packing material if you’ve chosen the DIY option, now’s the time to talk about the materials pros will use to securely pack your stuff. As you can imagine, they aren’t called pros for nothing. They use only the best packing supplies on the market. At least, that’s what most of them use. So, have no worries about that.

5. Insurance? 

Last but not least, let’s talk about insurance. By hiring professional packers, your stuff is insured. If some of your belongings get damaged during the move by some weird chance, the company will make it up. Financially, that is. So, you can sit back, relax and watch as things unfold in the safest manner. It’s their job to carefully pack your stuff, and they certainly don’t want to lose funds covering the damaged items. It can mean only one: the moving firm guarantees the safety of your items.

A quick conclusion

So, that was that. These were the five reasons to hire professional packing services. Hopefully, now you understand why this option beats the DIY one. Of course, some folks like doing things in their own way, so our arguments might not work on them.

Anyway, let’s do a quick walkthrough. Why hire professional packing services? Firstly, it’ll save you up some time. Also, you won’t pull your hair over a silly yet stressful task like packing. Hiring pros is pretty affordable, and they guarantee your stuff will safely reach the final destination. In other words – by signing a contract with professional packers, your property is insured. If anything happens (which is rarely the case), the company will cover the damage.

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