Clever tips for moving during the winter season! Usually cheaper prices than summer

The adventure begins for all people who decide on moving during the winter season

Given that average winter temperatures go as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit, the question of how you should move house in winter is a legitimate dilemma. With ice, rain, snow, and hail potentially making the relocation a consummate challenge for you, we have listed several clever tips for moving during the winter season. 

So, surviving the Michigan winter is one thing – layering up and shoveling your way through the almost incessant blizzards is something that every North Eastern and midwest states should be ready for. However, when you add boxes and boxes of your things into the mix, the whole endeavor of moving to your new home becomes all the trickier. So, read on to find out how to fight the slippery, wet, and unsafe surfaces when moving to your new place. 

Reasons for moving during the winter season

People usually avoid moving in winter, regardless of the state they are currently living in and where they intend to move. The reasons for these are almost obvious – it is much easier to transport your belongings when you do not have to worry about your boxes becoming damp and less firm, among other things that could go wrong. 

As uninviting as this may sound, there are some benefits to moving during Michigan’s winter season. Namely, moving during the winter months is significantly cheaper when compared to other times of the year.
Winters are usually snowy and cold.

Essentially, hiring a good and experienced moving crew is the way to go if you want your relocation to go as smoothly as possible under the snowy circumstances. An additional advantage of moving in winter is that you can access a more comprehensive and helpful moving service at lower tariffs. 

With all of this in mind, let us take a look at some tips that may help you move safely and quickly in the winter:

To plan your relocation, check the forecast regularly

As obvious as this may sound, sometimes people get distracted and forget to plan their relocation while taking into account the weather forecast. Of course, sometimes it is impossible to foresee what the weather will look like on any particular day, but remember to mind the weather forecast and avoid moving when there is a blizzard coming your way. 

Thankfully, relocation companies that operates during winter months will probably reimburse or reschedule your relocation without any financial repercussions, which is an added benefit of moving in winter. Since the demand for hiring moving companies is lower in the colder months of the year, they will probably be considerate and flexible to retain you as a client.

So, even if the weatherman predicts snowy days for days on end, there is no need to worry. Browse through Verified Movers to find a moving that that does business transparently and flexibly in these situations.

The adventure begins for all people who decide on moving during the winter season.

Hire a babysitter to look after your kids and pets

Moving during the winter months can be even more challenging if your kids are little or you have pets. You might want to consider hiring a babysitter or taking your kids to spend the day at their grandparents’ or any other relative’s place. As for your pets, you can leave them at the pet day-care center.

So, your kids can have fun while helping you to pack your things into boxes, but it might not be too safe to have them carry them into your van or car. So, as willing as your kids might be to help out, it is best if they avoid carrying a heavy load while it is freezing outside and leave this to a professional moving crew that has the necessary gear to do the heavy lifting in freezing temperatures.

Label your boxes ahead of time

So, alongside labeling your breakables and making a logical moving schedule, you can also make this event something the whole family can participate in. So, it is best if you do not improvise at the very last minute. This piece of advice is true for all types of relocation, but it is additionally helpful for snowy relocations. Knowing whether the box is heavy or not and what is in it can be vital when you or the moving crew is loading your belongings into the moving truck. 

As we have mentioned, proper organization is vital. Sometimes you cannot choose when you would like to move, and if this is true for you now, try not to despair – it can be tricky, but it is far from impossible to organize your move when you get the appropriate information from a good moving company. 

Save money by asking your friends to help you out

You can save some money by bringing in a few friends to help your family with packing and carrying boxes with your belongings. Having additional help is always useful, especially if your friends have experience moving, but having your friends around while you are preparing for relocation will also make moving in the cold winter slightly less tiresome.
Carrying heavy boxes in the cold is difficult when you are doing it alone. 

Prepare your car, the sidewalk, and the walkways for the relocation

If you decide to move on your own, you must take your car and have an annual check-up of your motor and other important elements of the vehicle you intend to use to relocate. Even if your vehicle is running properly, it is important you check if it is in good shape for you to drive it from your old to your new place while carrying extra weight. 

The same goes for your sidewalk and walkways you will step on from your front door to your car. Be sure to check if it is safe to step on these surfaces. Also, throwing some ice salt on your doorway is among clever tips for moving during the winter season that will allow you to make things easier both for yourself and the people helping you move.