Unpacking Efficiently after Moving

14 Oct by Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD (Expert Mover)

Unpacking Efficiently after Moving

You have finally moved to your new dream home after months of planning and preparation! Congratulations! But, do not get your hopes us just yet – you still need to unpack. Unpacking can be overwhelming, especially after an exhausting move. Now, you no longer have a deadline. What you do have is the ability to procrastinate. Combine the two and you get living in piles of boxes and endless clutter for months after moving.

Save yourself the trouble and start unpacking right after moving! The sooner you start, the more efficient you will be. This is something every quick guide for moving and relocating will tell you. We are here to motivate you and give you some tips on unpacking efficiently after moving. If interested, keep on reading.

Set a Deadline

As mentioned before, the number one reason why people postpone unpacking is that they do not have a deadline. To avoid putting unpacking off indefinitely, set a time and date when you (and your household members) are completely free. Dedicate that free time to unpacking and nothing more.

If you think that creating this deadline is not going to motivate you enough, consider scheduling something else for that day too. A housewarming or a get-to-know-your-neighbors party will force you to finish unpacking on time. All you have to do is imagine what your new neighbors would say if they saw you living in piles of boxes. It is one thing to procrastinate when there is nobody to see it, but it is a whole other story knowing that people you care about will see your home soon.

Setting a deadline is the best way to unpack efficiently! Alt. tag: Calendar.

Hire or Find Help

If you need to unpack efficiently and quickly, consider finding help. The more hands on deck you have, the faster you will finish. You have two options – to hire help or to find help. If you hired movers to help you tackle your relocation process, it might be a good idea to use them for unpacking as well. Nowadays, all moving companies offer that kind of service at a reasonable price! Plenty of companies offer affordable services so choosing the right option should be a breeze.

However, if your budget is really tight, but you still need to unpack efficiently and quickly, find help elsewhere! Ask your friends and family members to help you out. You could even ask your new neighbors or colleagues. Some of them will definitely say yes and offer their help. After everything is done, do not forget to thank everybody by organizing a nice dinner or taking everybody out for a drink.

Have a System Ready

Having a system or a strategy for unpacking is just as important as having one for packing. You cannot simply jump from one box to the next and open them randomly. That will create an even bigger mess and chaos. Instead, make a plan.

For example, you can decide to unpack room by room. This is what proved best for most people. Our suggestion is to unpack the kitchen first, as you will need to cook the meals to give you energy for more unpacking. Then, move onto the bathroom and bedrooms.

If you moved with your children, start from their rooms first. Change the sheets and put beds together in case you need to take a rest. After you do that, you can move onto unpacking other household knick-knacks and furniture assembly. Leave unpacking living and dining rooms, as well as storage areas and offices, for last. Unpack boxes according to your priorities!

Having a strategy and a plan for unpacking will enable you to work faster. Alt.tag: A pile of boxes.

Turn on the Music, Turn off the TV

We can all agree that unpacking is not only exhausting but also boring. Because of that, it is easy to get distracted. You might want to catch up on the shows you missed while moving at the same time you decide to start tackling those boxes. That may seem like a good idea at first, but it will soon prove to be the other way around. So, turn off that TV, and play some music instead. Music can make you more productive and efficient, while TV and all its shows can only distract you further. This is a piece of handy advice not only for unpacking but also for packing up without feeling bored and stale.

Do Not Aim for Perfection

When it comes to unpacking, the goal is to get everything out of those boxes and place it where it belongs. But, if you want to be fast and efficient, now is not a good time to aim for perfection. That means that you should not worry about the details. There is plenty of time for that later. Try to focus on assembling furniture and placing it in the right room first. Then, unpack the things you use on the daily basis.

Leave organizing the kitchen cabinets and placing every pot in its ‘perfect’ place for some other time, as it will only slow you down. However, slowing down is not the only thing you should worry about. Namely, if you spend a couple of days trying to unpack and organize that kitchen perfectly, you will lose your motivation for unpacking all the other rooms. Thus, unpack the necessary items and put them where they belong, leave ‘perfection’ for when you have free time.

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