Moving to Canada after graduating. Is it a good sound idea?

Graduates all over the world have a tough decision to make once their college or university career is over. In search of the best possible opportunity for their career advancement, many decide to try their luck out of their native country. Multiple graduates all over the world decided that moving to Canada is the best choice for them. However, before making any final decision, you need to ask yourself do you know everything there is to know about Canadian culture. Do your research thoroughly before you make the final verdict.

All you need to know before you conclude is moving to Canada the right choice for you

Canadian job market and economy are in desperate need of educated working professionals. Nevertheless, it is not easy to get situated and find a job. Especially if you are an immigrant. There are many benefits of starting over in Hamilton and other Canadian cities. Still, it is neither stress nor challenge free.

Canada is culturally diverse

Individuals from all over the world have moved to Canada in hopes of finding a better and more stable life. It is truly a huge melting pot of different cultures, religions, and races. In a way, this is great because you will have a higher chance to bond with people that are similar to you. On the other hand, you should also bond with people that are different. Being aware of cultural diversity will help you grow as a person. If you are not a tolerant person and you are stuck in your ways, this might not be the best place for you. Even if you are able to bond with others around you, a cultural shock in Canada is pretty much unavoidable.

Vancouver is another popular choice of residents for foreign graduates when moving to Canada. Alt text: Vancouver skyline during night time.

Don’t move to Canada with a dried-up bank account

When applying for a visa, Canadian authorities will ask you to provide your bank account balance. The amount of money in your bank account needs to be symbolic to satisfy the requirement. Yet, don’t be fooled by that amount. Canada is not cheap to live in. Especially if you choose to live in one of the bigger cities. You must plan before you move and save a nice bundle of money. As a foreign graduate, it might take you a few months to find a job. So, you want to make sure you are financially secured before you find a job that is up to your satisfaction.

Patience will be one of your biggest virtues

Moving to Canada will potentially open a lot of doors for you. But don’t expect instant job opportunities to fall in your lap. Immigrants’ chances to be unemployed are twice as higher than for Canadian residents. Don’t be discouraged! This only means that you will need to be twice as persistent and twice as patinate. Sometimes you will need to follow up multiple times on a job interview and send many thank you emails. The little things and gestures will separate you from the rest of the applicants for the position that you desire. In the meantime, you might want to consider getting a part-time job or a job that is out of your desired field. This can be your fallback just until the right opportunity comes along.

At some point, you will feel stressed or overwhelmed. This is normal. It is a part of every transition and adversity. Alt text: girl holding her face with her hands while being stressed out

Do you need to be accredited?

This will largely depend on the field that you studied as a graduate. Unfortunately, we cannot be more help except to tell you that you need to research on your own. Be certain what do you need before you start packing. Getting accredited or certified can take up from a few months to a year. So, this can be a major delay in your job-hunting process. If you miss checking this detail and you get blindsided with this requirement, your relocation stress will go through the roof. Handle your relocation stress by being prepared and putting in the time to research all relevant information.

Canada is known to be an immigrant-friendly country

Great news for all non-Canadian graduates is that Canada is one of those countries where more is merrier when it comes to people. People are very friendly, and they embrace immigrants with open arms.  However, there still might be a visa process that you must go through before getting a legitimate residential status. Based on your country of residents, check what you need to do to get your paperwork in order.

Do it the Canadian way

There is a certain way that Canadians like to do business. Thus, when job hunting – the faster you get accustomed, the faster you will find serious work. Resumes should be in a certain format. Also, they should be customized to fit the position you are applying for. One size doesn’t fit all. Hence, don’t think that one resume will be applicable to all positions that you apply for.

Work on your personal pitch

Be realistic! You are moving to Canada because you are looking to advance your professional career. Very often during a job interview, an employer might ask you why they should hire you for the job instead of somebody else. Be prepared to sell yourself and show your most attractive qualities. Being a foreigner is a slight disadvantage. Yet, if you present yourself in the right way you just might blow away your potential employer.

Prepare for your move

If you decided that after all Canada is the right place for you, start planning your move as soon as possible. Moving to Canada will be a huge thing and it will take more than you think to make the move happen. Packing will also be a big process. Canada has 4 seasons so you will need to pack a bunch of stuff. For instance, business facilities and supplies relocated to another address would be much more difficult than what you are in for packing wise. Still, you shouldn’t take it to lightly.
Once you overcome all the adversity and the obstacles you will realize that is was all worth it. Alt text: a woman standing in the snow with her arms open. She is enjoying the cold and she is happy.

If you decide to move…

Moving to Canada will mean a lot of things. Though, it will also mean that you should be open minded and leave your prejudice behind. Canadians are very polite, yet they do expect the same in return. Don’t expect to be accepted with open arms if you do not do the same. Respect all races, sexual orientations and all other differences between fellow men and women. Get ready for a great but hard journey, which will challenge you. Still, it will be well worth it if you handle all the obstacles that this relocation throws at you.