Not every home is ordinary. Very often, people have unusual, fragile and worthy items in their homes, so they face a problem when they need to relocate them to a new house. Specialty items are quite a challenge when it comes to moving since some of them can be heavy, bulky and also very fragile and easy to break. That’s why handling them needs to be done very carefully, if possible, by a professional.

What are specialty items?

Specialty items include everything that is not an ordinary piece of furniture or an item you can easily pack in a box. Some of them are:

  • art pieces
  • pianos
  • antiques
  • clocks
  • taxidermy animals, etc.

Why moving specialty items should be handled by professionals?

If you have a bulky specialty item like a piano, you should consider hiring an experienced mover to relocate the item. A professional moving company knows the best way to dismantle and pack such items. Most importantly, experienced movers know how to carry heavy things and have the proper equipment. Moving heavy and fragile items by yourself can involve potential damage and the risk of hurting yourself. Carrying heavy items can be very dangerous if you don’t know how to do it properly.

Figure 1 Moving specialty items with the help of a professional is much safer alt.tag: a moving truck carrying specialty items

Check the costs of moving specialty items

Moving  specialty items usually implies additional costs. Therefore, be sure to double-check with the moving company how much these services will cost, so you don’t end up unpleasantly surprised. However, if you hire a reliable moving company like damovingnyc.com, there will be no problems with the rates and cost of their services. Always hire someone you can trust and someone who offers clear and understandable moving quotes.

How to move specialty items by yourself

Moving an unusual item is not always that simple. It’s not like packing clothes or books in a box and taping it securely. It usually requires a bit more effort, which protects your items from being scratched or broken. Here are some basic tips on moving specialty items safely and quickly.

Have the supplies ready

The key to safely moving specialty items is being provided with all the necessary packing and carrying supplies. This will make sure you safely pack your fragile items for the upcoming relocation. You’ll need:

  • a dolly and sliders
  • straps
  • moving boxes
  • cardboard for protection
  • tape

Getting the right packing material will ensure you have a safe move without any problems.

Carry the items carefully

If you need to carry heavy items, be sure to ask friends or family to help you out. Furthermore, watch the way you pick up heavy things from the floor. It’s important not to bring the weight focus on your back but lift with your arms and shoulders. Learn the right lifting technique that will protect your back from hurting. And most importantly, don’t try lifting items that are too heavy by yourself. Always have someone to help you out!

Dismantle bigger items if possible

If you need to relocate a fine piece of furniture or a piano, try dismantling the item before carrying it. If you move a heavy item in parts, it will be much easier and safer.

Pack smaller items safely

Apart from having the right packing material, it’s important to know certain techniques when you need to pack fragile items. Here are some useful tips for packing such items:

  • use safe, sturdy moving boxes – be sure to get new, sturdy moving boxes for expensive and fragile items. Also, don’t use boxes that are too big so you don’t overpack them or let the items tumble in a half-empty box.
  • protect the items inside the box – wrap the items inside the box one by one so they don’t break if they tumble. Furthermore, be sure to fill the empty space with packing paper so the items inside can’t move around. If necessary, protect the items additionally with a cloth or towel.
  • tape the boxes carefully, several times.
  • mark the boxes ‘fragile’ – use a sharpie to write the word fragile on the boxes. This way you’ll make sure that movers are handling those boxes with extra care.

Figure 2 Smaller specialty items can be packed safely in moving boxes, so be sure to do it properly. alt.tag: a cardboard moving box for moving specialty items.

check the way in and way out

Specialty items are often bulky and difficult to carry through halls and rooms. That’s why you need to prepare by measuring all the narrow passages and doors so you make sure a bulky item, like a piano or a piece of furniture, passes through. If you are not sure how to carry and relocate a heavy item, be sure to hire a professional moving company that has a lot of experience and knows the right techniques to relocate items like these.

Figure 3 Moving a piano can be tricky because of its size. alt.tag A piano as a specialty item.

Other specialty items moving tips

Moving everything you have is not always possible, especially if you are planning on moving to another continent. However, there is a way to pack everything you want if you are detailed and careful enough. Besides our main advice – to get professional moving help, here are some extra tips on moving specialty items in your home:

  • Pack electronics correctly – protect them not only from bumps and scratches but from extreme temperatures. Cold and hot weather can damage items like TVs, laptops, etc.
  • Prepare plants for the move – clean them from pests, don’t water them on moving day and keep them in a box with holes so the air can come in.
  • Wrap paintings with a lot of packing paper or wrap and secure it with a lot of tape.
  • Don’t rush – specialty items are often very fragile and expensive. That’s why packing them in a hurry is not a good way to go since it maximizes the risk of damage. Take your time and pack your items correctly so you can have them in your new home safely and quickly.