Moving to another city, state or country? 10 tips to help your child adjust

Moving to another city, state or country? These 10 tips to help your child adjust after the move are just what you need then! Moving is a stressful moment for anyone involved, but especially for kids. We, as adults, usually already have established psychological defenses for situations such as this one. For kids, moving is something new and potentially very scary. That is why it is very important to help them cope with this as much as you can. There are many ways you can do this, and we have prepared a list of 10 tips that will help your child adjust to life after the move.

Moving? 10 tips to help your child adjust

Tip 1. Be there for them from the onset

Planning a move properly is not easy, but neither is preparing your child for a move. So, it is really important that from the very first moment they know that you are there for them. So, when you tell them that you are all going to move, get ready for a storm of emotions. Don’t say to them that they should not feel sad or angry. Let them embrace their feelings and express them fully. Only then will they be able to move on.

Make sure that they truly feel that you are there for them / alt: Moving? 10 tips to help your child adjust be there for them fully

Tip 2. Prepare a story beforehand

Make sure that you have a story ready for them. Every situation can have a bright side. Choosing to call Sanford your new home means that you will be living in Florida. Tell them how great Florida is, that there are lots of beaches there, etc. Making sure that they have a positive outlook from the very first moment will help them a lot in long term.

Tip 3. Let them help you out with the move

Organizing a move is a stressful task, no doubt about that. Hiring a good moving company, such as Moving Kings NC, is something that you should definitely do if you want the move to run smoothly. If your kid is old enough, let them help you at least a little bit. They can help you out with packing up their own room, for instance. This will help them take their mind, at least partially, off of the fact that they are moving.

Tip 4. Make sure that you are ready for this

Your kid is going to need you to be strong. So, it is very important that you prepare yourself mentally for this. Seeing you as their parent break down would almost certainly make them feel very sad. Of course, dodging your feelings can only get you so far, so do not dodge them. Just make sure that, when you give yourself a moment or two to express your stress, your child is nowhere around.

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Tip 5. Show them their new home before the move

Before you start executing your short or long distance move, you can act preemptively and take them to your new hometown before the move even begins. Take a stroll through the main street. Visit some landmarks and go for ice cream. Take them to your new street and your new home (if possible). This will help them meet their new hometown beforehand, so, once the move is over, they will already have started making a bond with it.

Tip 6. Let them make some decisions

If you are in the military, you know better than anyone how tough moving can be. Getting some assistance for military families when moving is always a great idea. However, even though some kids may get used to this kind of life, there will always be a part of them that will be in pain. So, always let them be a part of decision making. At least the smallest ones, or the ones that are personally connected to them, like what color the wallpapers in their room will be.

Tip 7. Unpack their things first

Once you move to a new home, there is no going back. Naturally, the first days will be the hardest. But, that is also when you can make the greatest difference. Keeping them as happy and as occupied as possible during that first couple of days is crucial. Setting up their room first could go a long way. If they are old enough to help you do this, even better.

Unpack their room first / alt: a small child on the floor in a children’s room

Tip 8. Take them with you to meet the movers

If they are old enough to understand what is happening, you should consider taking them with you as you go about preparing for the move. For instance, you can take them with you when you go looking for a responsible moving company. This way they will feel better about themselves, as this will make them feel they are also grown-ups. 

Tip 9. Make the move an adventure

For kids, especially the smaller ones, life is still a wonderful adventure, and to feel that way as long as possible is something all parents want for their kids. So, if your kid is in the early grades of elementary school, chances are that making the move one big adventure may be just the thing they need. Talk with them about the amazing opportunities that they will have in the new city. Make them so excited that they can’t wait to move there.

Make the move a wonderful family adventure/alt: kids playing in a park with a balloon

Tip 10. Do not break ties with the past

This is one of the most important tips to help your child adjust. As we get older, we need fewer and fewer people by our side. However, for the majority of kids, having a lot of friends is what life is all about. They will surely miss all of them, so give them a chance to say goodbye. Be adamant about the fact that moving away does not have to mean losing their friends. Also, if a part of your family is not moving (for instance, their grandparents) make sure that your kids, if they want to, have the option of calling or visiting.