Questions to Ask a Moving Company prior to hiring them! Due diligence at all cost.

25 Feb by Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD (Expert Mover)

Questions to Ask a Moving Company prior to hiring them! Due diligence at all cost.

The quality of your relocation is almost totally dependent on your movers. Yes, you can prepare, organize and get the best possible packing supplies. But, if you do not have the right movers moving you, you are not going to have a good time. Therefore, finding good movers should be the number one priority when organizing your move. Now, don’t get us wrong, online reviews are important. But, the interview you are going to have with the representative of the moving company should be the thing that helps you finally decide which movers you should hire. With that in mind, here are questions to ask a moving company before you hire them.

What makes a good mover?

The whole purpose of knowing what questions to ask a moving company before you hire them is to be able to filter potential movers. Once you start looking for a moving company you will see just how many movers there are. Therefore, you need to know how to make out which ones are reliable and which ones aren’t. So, let us first go through what makes a mover good so that you can better understand which questions to ask.


First and foremost, good movers are reliable. They know how to relocate a person and they are familiar with all the little things that can go wrong. Even with the perfect moving plan. Moving is a complicated project and the biggest issue with it is that you need to make adjustments as you go along. That is why you need to have reliable movers helping you out. It takes a skilled professional to be able to avoid large moving issues and deal with the smaller ones.


Only bad movers are cheap or expensive. Good movers are cost-effective. A good moving company simply wants to provide the best possible moving service for the lowest possible price. That is it. They know that a good review is the best commercial and they use that knowledge to run their business. A good mover will make sure that your move is as cheap and efficient as possible. They will figure out how you can spend the least possible amount of time and money.

Well organized

Finally, good movers are well organized.  A good mover knows what goes into moving and how to plan for it. If you are smart, you will do what you can to find good movers and let them help organize everything. Including your moving preparations. This can be quite valuable as you need to prepare for your move in advance, whether you like it or not. Therefore, you need someone experienced in your team that can give you all the necessary advice and tips on how to prepare.

What Questions to Ask a Moving Company

Now that we know what makes a mover good, you need to know what questions to ask a moving company before you hire them. Some of you might think that they can find good movers by simply looking online. This is seldom the case. Not because there is something wrong with looking online. Online research is a key component in finding reliable movers. But, you need to do an interview with your potential movers. There is no way around this. And when you do, you better know what questions to ask a moving company before you hire them.

What is their experience

Start off by asking about the experience of your potential movers. That will give you the opportunity to see how experienced they really are. If they say that they’ve been in business “for years”, that usually means that they are new. New movers can be good but are risky. If your mover can clearly state and show for how many years they’ve been in business, that gives them points toward higher reliability. Also, ask your movers what their worst experience was. That will give you an idea of how they work with tough clients. Furthermore, it will give you an idea about what they expect from you.

What is the moving plan?

The biggest reason for looking for affordable moving specialists is to make a solid moving plan. If the company representative cannot convince you that they are capable of providing you with one, you shouldn’t work with them. Every relocation requires planning. The better you plan your move the better it is going to be. But, only experts are familiar with all the little things that make moving according to plan possible. That is why you need to see if the movers you plan on hiring are capable of providing a comprehensive moving plan. If they cannot plan it, they cannot do it.

Is there a way to make moving cheaper?

Here is a little secret. There is almost always a way to make a move cheaper. True, it can make it less efficient or postpone it to an inconvenient time. But, the move can be cheaper. That is why you should ask your movers if they can make your move any cheaper. Good movers will explain to you that they can, but it will make the relocation less efficient. For instance, moving during the winter can be cheaper, but it is going to take longer and it is more difficult to pack for it. Remember, you are looking for the best balance between cost and efficiency. Good movers know this and are willing to help you out. Bad ones only want to relocate you as soon as possible and take money from you.

ByDr Dan Amzallag, PhD (Expert Mover)

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