Tips and tricks for moving long distance, with small children.

1 Feb by Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD (Expert Mover)

Tips and tricks for moving long distance, with small children.

Let’s face it – no matter where or when you’re relocating, you’re facing a huge change. And seeing as it’s always difficult for adults, you can imagine how complicated this process is to a child. And if we’re talking about very young children, that’s true even more! Indeed, doing this right will mean doing a lot of planning before your move and thinking things through. Don’t worry though – if you keep your cool and work on letting your child know that everything will be fine, you’ve got absolutely nothing to be scared of!

See things from their point of view

Whenever you need to help your child go through something tough, it’s important to remember that their perspective is different from yours. And trying to put yourself in their point of view is crucial when you’re moving with toddlers as well. Just think about it – are your kids leaving behind a long-term home – is it a place they’ve known all their lives? If that is the case, let’s be honest, that could be a scary prospect. After all, young children prosper when they establish routines and some structure – that’s how they learn about the world for the first time.

That’s why it’s important to devote enough time to your toddlers while you’re relocating, as difficult as that may be. After all, the logistics of moving to a new home can take up a lot of your time. But you’ll need to show off all of your time management skills on this one, and having some additional help might not be a bad idea. Maybe taking a look at different moving assistance options at your disposal is something to consider. After all, it would free up a lot of your time to take care of your children. Remember – showing them enough attention will be crucial during this transition.

Try to see things from a toddler’s perspective, if you want to help them out!

While moving with toddlers, let them show their emotions

Naturally, while you’re moving with toddlers, they probably won’t be happy about it. That’s only natural, as we’ve mentioned, young children do not like change. And even if your kids are already verbal, chances are that they won’t be able to change your mind regarding the relocation. Which will only make them angrier and more helpless during this process. In fact, you will probably see your child acting out in this period. The key here is accepting that as completely normal and unavoidable. Let them vent, if they need to – their emotions are perfectly valid.

Talk to them about the relocation

When you’re a parent who’s moving with their family, knowing how to act around your child is incredibly important. You’d be amazed if you knew just how much even the youngest children look to their parents for all kinds of emotional and verbal cues. That’s how they pick up clues about situations they’re not yet equipped to understand. As we’ve mentioned, your attention needs to be fully focused on the behavior of your children. So, get some all-around, start to finish moving assistance to help you out with other chores, and then start informing your children about the move.

Why is this important to emphasize? Well, because of the way parents usually react to their kids experiencing any discomfort. Let’s be realistic here – as a parent, you’ve probably got an instinct to protect your child at all times. And that’s perfectly normal – even more than that, it’s basically a biological imperative. So, while you’re moving with toddlers, you may get the urge to shield them from the process of relocating. Even if you know about it for months in advance, you may not tell them. And that’s a mistake! Let them know about everything on time, so that they start processing it correctly.

While moving with toddlers, inform them about everything, and establish trust! A small baby’s hand touching an adult one.

Reassure them properly

Of course, a conversation about this may not be easy, and that’s why doing it properly is crucial. So, from the second you know that you’ll be moving with toddlers; if they’re old enough to understand the basics of what’s going to happen, definitely talk them through everything. First of all, try to simplify things as much as you can; ideally, you could tell them a story that conveys the whole process to them in a simpler language.

Also, it’s important for them to realize that this change is something positive. So, talk to them about your new home and about all the ways in which they’ll find it great. And while you’re doing that, make sure to emphasize how things will change minimally. As long as they’ve got parts of their old life in your new home, toddlers will have an easier time adjusting. So, reassure them about all of their toys, make sure that they’ll be able to take with them once the moving day comes around. Speaking of which, as the moving day draws closer, talk to them about everything that’s going to happen then. It’s important for them to know everything well enough in advance. That way, coping with the move will be much easier.

Adjust them to the new area

After you’re done picking your new home and hiring your mover, you should have an idea of when exactly you’re moving, and where. So, if you want to handle moving with toddlers properly, it’s extremely important not to plunge them into this new environment in a shocking way. Instead, what you want to do is ease them into it slowly, like getting used to cold water.

So, find some time and take them to the playgrounds and parks in the local area. If you know any other parents with children there, perhaps organize some playdates. In short, do everything you can for your toddlers to feel like they’re entering a familiar social and physical environment.

Finding a playground for your toddlers can help them get to know the new area! /alt: A kids’ playground with slides and swings.


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