Finding legitimate and reliable movers around the world! Challenging task to say the least

25 Oct by Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD (Expert Mover)

Finding legitimate and reliable movers around the world! Challenging task to say the least

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There are numerous challenges a young company needs to overcome when it enters the market for the first time. In case that the market is well developed at the time of entry, the competition is going to be fierce. Under such conditions, only the strongest will survive. In the case that the market is undeveloped at the time of entry, there are other types of challenges a newbie will need to face. The most difficult one is the market penetration when the market for the delivered product or service, in fact, does not exist at the moment of entry. Since we are going to be talking about the makings of a legitimate moving company, we are going to focus on the first situation. How do you enter and survive on the moving industry market with so many companies already operating? Let’s try to answer this question.

Quality comes first in the makings of a legitimate moving company

The product is something that should always be on the mind of a business owner. A business is not going to be able to compete on the open market unless it has got a high-quality service to offer. This is especially true in industries that are already established. The moving industry is one of them. Should you decide to form your own company and enter the market race, you better prepare to give the competition the run for its money. Your aim is going to be to snatch a piece of the pie. To do that, you need to make sure that you can deliver. If you fail at this aspect, you will fail at everything. Therefore, before you decide to try and compete, invest in people.

People play an enormous part in the makings of a legitimate moving company

You need to have well-trained people who will know how to do their job. What’s the use of the fact that you can do it if none of your employees can? After all, you are not going to do it all by yourself. Therefore, make sure to train your people in such a way that they become comfortable doing their job.

Take care of your team and they will take care of your company

One of the crucial points in the makings of a legitimate moving company is to take care of your team

After you have organized the right training for your employees, make sure that they are well-compensated. This is one of the top tasks that you have on your hands when it comes to taking care of your workforce. A worker that is not paid well is not going to invest him/herself in the business too much. Provide your employees with good salaries and you will have the right to expect more from them. No one will go the extra mile if he/she is not motivated.

Lastly, it is up to you to make sure that your employees feel comfortable working in your team. This is not about money nor is it about training. This part is about the atmosphere. In order to make sure that people get along, treat them fairly. Furthermore, make sure that their assignments fit their abilities. Given the weight of the packagesloading and unloading should not be done by women, for example. On the other hand, those weaker in posture could be a great workforce for packing services, for example. Also, once you reach your first set goals, come up with a way to thank your crew. A night out or a short day trip could do. Keep that kind of investment in your people in the future.

Pricing is important in the makings of a legitimate moving company

One more element from the famous list of 4P’s of the marketing mix is the pricing of your product. There are various pricing methods that you can use in deciding on what price tag to put on your moving service.

Choose the right pricing system according to your market goals

Makings of a legitimate moving company lie in good pricing


After you have decided how much you are going to charge your customers, make sure that your customers know how much they should pay for their move. Put yourself in their shoes. Should you need to calculate the cost of your relocation, what would you do? Would you call moving companies or would you first try to get a free estimate online? Online estimates have become a standard and that is the option that we would opt for.


Placement and the makings of a legitimate moving company

The last component of the marketing mix that we are going to talk about today is placement. Placement is what ordinary people call marketing in general. For example, moving professionals in NYC can help you move locally. However, they will not be able to do that if you never hear about them. Their product placement has to be a good one in order to reach their target group. Therefore, make sure that people know who you are in order to get the business going.

Do not disregard the power of advertising

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Insurance and licenses can mean the difference between a reliable moving company and the rest

In order to get your first clients, you need to make sure that they trust you. To do this, there are two important aspects in the makings of a legitimate moving company that you need to meet:

  • You need to have a license for what you do.
  • You need insurance for yourself and for your clients

Licenses should be as important to you as they are for the customer. A reliable moving company obtains every required license available. After all, the last thing that you want is for your business to suffer just because you have not been interested in investing in credentials.

Should anything happen to the items that you are moving, you need to be able to cover the damage your clients have suffered. Therefore, having insurance is very important for the makings of a legitimate moving company. Otherwise, your business and/or your reputation may suffer.




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