Finding new affordable housing in the State of Maryland

8 Oct by Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD (Expert Mover)

Finding new affordable housing in the State of Maryland

Keep an eye on apartment and housing ads in Maryland; alt: Examples of affordable housing in Maryland can be found in various multiple story buildings

Maryland, a state located on the east coast of the United States, is one of the prime spots for relocating. With access to the Chesapeake Bay that can be entered from the Atlantic Ocean, Maryland is a destination suitable for both older and younger populations. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, a middle-aged employee with an average salary, a retiree or someone able to afford more, affordable housing in Maryland is designed with everyone in mind.

Either due to work, school, college or something else, people might feel the need to move someplace closer to the place of interest (like offices or university). Regardless of why this is needed, the necessity for cheaper accommodation for a longer period of time might arise – or at least in the short run until the necessity is satisfied.

Of course, when the conditions are met – you might find yourself able to afford a house, or even a ranch, somewhere in the land of your dreams – but until then, affordable means livable. Livable means feasible. And feasible is a must when planning short-term, which is, as a small step, a basic building block of every person’s success. And finding cheap and good moving companies can be a key element for a frugal person, so that unnecessary expenses early on in the relocation process can be avoided on time.



Affordable Housing in Maryland – Where to Find It?

By sifting through the ads for affordable housing in Maryland, you will find that the accommodation available is dispersed all over this East Coast state. However, the highest density of this type of housing can be found in the stretch from the very north-east point of Maryland, close to Elkton, all the way along or near the coast of Chesapeake Bay near towns like Aberdeen, cities like Baltimore and on the eastern outskirts of the Maryland portion of Washington, following the coastal route all the way down towards the Potomac River.

What Are The Costs?

If you choose to relocate to Maryland, chances are high you will move to a place that is rather close to the Atlantic. What’s more, the place in Maryland that is farthest from the coast is located in the north-west, about a 3-and-a-half-hour drive from the ocean. Basically, any location would be suitable for a weekend trip to the beach.

Two of the more interesting options are the towns of Perryville and Jessup. Jessup is located just south-west of Baltimore metropolitan area and Perryville is about half-way between Baltimore and Pennsylvania’s Philadelphia, both located on the very coast. Average prices in Perryville range somewhere between $600 and $700 for a 1-2-bedroom apartment, which is pretty decent. Jessup, on the other hand, at the moment of writing this article, has an income-based option for the similarly structured apartment. Income-based fees seem to be a popular option, as many other locations have these listings, like towns of Glen Burnie, Landover, even Baltimore. Some fees are even lower, ranging from a little less than $400 or $500, for apartments that are usually found in older buildings inspired by 19th century architecture.


It’s useful to always have some cash at hand to compensate for unplanned expenses; alt: Rolled dollar bills


Generally, the majority of buildings that are in the best option price range of the affordable housing category tend to be slightly more isolated from the urban environments. These buildings are, in most cases, just a few floors tall and in neighborhoods where the price is sometimes more than adequate for the conditions offered, like a relatively quiet location.

Moving To Your New Home – How-To


Categorize and pack your items in separately labeled boxes; alt: Cardboard boxes stacked together

When you’ve found yourself appropriate housing, it’s time to pack your items, hire reputable moving and insurance companies and finally move! Of course, since affordable housing doesn’t normally offer a higher number of rooms, and you are often limited by space, you will need to make sure you pack and bring only the essential items with you first. That way, you will ensure that you don’t forget anything. Learn how to pack your valuables if you want to preserve what matters the most. And that includes expensive items like electronics, furniture made of pricey materials, plates, glasses etc.

Once everything is properly labeled, movers will be able to discern what is fragile, what box sides should be up to avoid damage, and so on. Such items should be handled and packed with special care and preferably unpacked last to avoid damage while moving in.

Advantages of Living in Affordable Housing

As is the case with any other US state, affordable housing has its benefits, no matter where you are looking. Affordable housing isn’t just for people who are forced to move out due to the temporary inability to pay rent or have some other budgetary difficulties – this kind of accommodation can also provide a better financial stability and independence. Namely, this kind of housing can be sought to proactively prevent personal financial expenses and to create some “breathing space” to invest in other personal needs like education, training, home improvement, health, etc. With this in mind, affordable housing may be an excellent choice in terms of ease and simplicity of living and money saving.

However, Maryland isn’t the only state in the US program which prioritizes and supports low-income families or individuals who plan to live in this kind of housing. This does not mean that only these resident categories can settle in these housing types. Quite the contrary – when you apply for “affordable housing” in Maryland or anywhere else in the US, you can easily register as a resident at a new place if you have the proper documentation.

Suburbs are usually the best neighborhoods for affordable housing; alt: Affordable housing in the suburbs


Ultimately, finding affordable housing in Maryland can be pretty easy when looking either online or in magazine ads, as nowadays – information is fairly effortlessly and quickly obtainable. Not only can this kind of living place provide a financial “breather” for any type of resident planning to recalibrate their life, but it can definitely help you take a turn for the better in many more ways. From finding a suitable place to live in Maryland, to packing and hiring someone to help you move, there are multiple points that need you need to keep in mind:

  1. Find a place in to settle in – use online search engines or magazines
  2. Jot down the most important items that you need to move
  3. Gather moving materials like cardboard and styrofoam to pack your items and furniture
  4. Hire a reputable moving and insurance company
  5. Ready and complete all the necessary moving and registration documentation for when you finally move

Hope you find a suitable place in Maryland! Good luck!


ByDr Dan Amzallag, PhD (Expert Mover)

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