The Complicated Facts of Storage Unit Insurance

24 Feb by Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD (Expert Mover)

The Complicated Facts of Storage Unit Insurance

You have to rent out a large storage unit if you plan to move out from your home, wish to downsize, or might need extra space for your furniture or personal things. There are several different varieties of rental storage units which people hire for a few weeks.

If you wish to store all your belongings somewhere private and safe, the part of your current home insurance might be able to cover the expenses free of cost for 3 months. Based on your existing insurance policy, the length of coverage and value of renting the storage unit can differ. Get in touch with your insurance provider to learn the details of your policy time which extends to storage units.

Contents in Storage

You should evaluate first whether you have to store your belongings for more than three months or for a few weeks only. It is crucial to learn how you can protect your valuable things such as cash or jewelry just in case the storage unit gets robbed or damaged.

All the storage units are safely secured and built specifically to keep valuables and expensive furniture. However, the insurance company might not be responsible for the content you are keeping inside the storage unit. For instance, the facility owners should not be held accountable if the contents of the storage unit are destroyed in a fire or lost due to some reasons. Every person needs satisfaction when shifting their extremely important belongings to a storage facility. The reason it is better to have storage insurance.

The time limit on any storage insurance can be between 1 month and a year. You are allowed to store content or jewelry with a maximum worth of $800,000. If you have to file a potential claim, all the contents of the storage unit can protect any major effect on the insurance premium as a different policy.


How to Choose a Storage Facility?

You can find many different storage facilities having a wide range of security protocols, sizes, and protective measures. Make sure you choose a reliable and safe storage facility, especially if you intend to put the belongings for one year. Here a few essential things you should contemplate before making the final decision:

  • Check the type of security measures such as cameras or locks around the facility. Every facility should have an alarm system in case of theft
  • Make sure the video surveillance of the entire premises runs 24/7 and the facility should have detailed records of all the people accessing it
  • The facility should be easily accessible if you are in a hurry and need something important to take out from the storage
  • The storage facility should be in a safe and secure place, far away from the flood-affected zones or impact of extreme weather
  • Cleaning and maintenance should be done on a regular basis to prevent any damage to your belongings
  • The facility should use air conditioning or heaters to ensure the temperature is constant every day
  • Look for several online reviews before you pick and choose a storage facility. In this way, you can easily learn about the flaws of a storage facility
  • All the gates of the facility should only be accessible to the renters



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