The challenges to moving with Pets. Many hurdles ahead if not prepared.

24 Feb by Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD (Expert Mover)

The challenges to moving with Pets. Many hurdles ahead if not prepared.

Moving and relocating has been billed by experts to be one of the most stress inducing events in life. This even applies to your beloved pets; most animals have always been terrified by modes of transportation and travel that they are not used to. Follow this quick guide to make sure that you make the move as comfortable and stress-free for your pets.

In the weeks or months leading up to your moving day, your pets will start noticing the unusual activities such as packing and business around their home. This is a form of intuition that all dogs have; I have gone through at least 4 major moves in life and my pets have noticed each one well beforehand, every single time. My dog once even stopped eating for a couple days before the move, he knew something significant was unravelling. Animals take more time to adjust to a move than we humans do. My dog was so attached to our old home that it took him as long as two full months to adjust to the new house and be at ease. I would advise to not let your pets roam around the new area at first until they get used to it. During my second major move, my cat roamed outside from my window and was lost for a whole day. I was so scared that something bad must’ve happened to him but luckily, I found him the next morning close to the garage. Even the smartest of animals will be still mostly confused the first time they adventure out in a new environment.


Before your start your journey, make sure that your pets have any required licenses or proper identification. Make sure that they have gotten all their shots and have a copy of their medical history with you. We love our pets as much as our own kids, so it is crucial that we prepare as best as we can. Make sure that your pets are comfortable during the move; you must make sure that they have plenty of water and snacks and plenty of space and breathing room. Animals can panic as soon as they feel uneasy, so you must make sure to check on them periodically and put them at east; talk to them, pet them, love them!


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Article written by Don Sahan, a contributing author for ProAce International blog.

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