Choosing the Winter season to relocate: Pros and Cons with Winter moves.

24 Feb by Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD (Expert Mover)

Choosing the Winter season to relocate: Pros and Cons with Winter moves.

Moving and relocating is always a stressful even in the best of seasons. Winter can be your most beautiful friend or a dangerous foe. If you are looking to move during the winter season, you must prepare for the beautiful yet perilous snow and ice that it brings. Some states go through brutal winters where even your journey to work or even a trip to the grocery store will prove challenging. Therefore, it is imperative that you prepare as necessary for a move in critical winter weather.


Prior to the big moving day, you must make sure that everything is in order at both ends of the move. Make sure that you have all the utilities such as heat and power in full working order at both homes; you do not want the heat or power to go out at either of your locations. You must also make sure that both locations will be adequately accessible to both you and the movers; make sure that you clear the snow from all walkways, driveways and sidewalks; you do not want any obstacles in the way of a smooth move.

You must also make sure that your new home is prepared and protected against snow, sand, water and so forth. If you have decided to hire professional movers, make sure that you have hot drinks such as coffee or hot chocolate on hand; treat your movers with respect and have extra gear such as mittens or hats as well. It is wise to prepare as best you can as winter can sometimes be punishing. You should always keep an eye on the weather and check the weather forecasts when you are in or around the day of the move.

I believe that no matter what type of weather you are facing, you should always have a backup plan. In winter times especially, it is common to experience quick weather changes that might bring about a nasty fog or icy and difficult driving conditions. If you have hired some professional help, you should always check with your moving company regarding their policy on winter conditions.


Well before moving day you must plan your route carefully. Avoid areas which are expecting heavy snow falls or ice such as mountainous areas. It is highly advantageous to have as less hustle as possible; make sure your path is clear and have a list of emergency contacts with you always during the journey and you should be fine!

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Article written by Don Sahan, a contributing author for ProAce International blog.

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