A quick guide to moving and relocating!

5 Feb by Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD (Expert Mover)

A quick guide to moving and relocating!

A move or relocation is a very important process which people may have to go through many times throughout their lives. Whether or not you choose to hire some professional help for packing or moving, you will still need to keep things in order on your end to make sure you have a relatively stress-free move. Yes, it is possible ladies and gents! Follow this simple guide and you will enjoy the move!

  • If you are a proud pet owner, be a good mom/dad and make sure you do everything possible to make sure your pets reach their destination safely.
  • Make sure you protect your belongings in the best way possible. If you did not hire any professional help for packing, make sure your belongings are safely and conveniently packed. If you have hired professional movers, then make sure that they know what to do with your belongings. Make sure boxes are labeled and that the packing area is accessible and convenient for them.
  • Make sure you have at least two types of checklists. A ‘moving’ checklist and a ‘take with me’ checklist. This way you will keep track of your belongings and make sure nothing is misplaced or lost.
  • Be aware of your rights and responsibilities when you move.
  • Make sure you have all the contact information of your professional moving company in case you need to address any changes or issues that may arise.
  • Keep your boxes organized with appropriate labels. This will prevent any chaotic mess.

Moving and relocating can be an overwhelming process which will create a mess if you are not thorough with your responsibilities. With a little research, diligence and good old-fashioned organization, you will be able to feel in command of your move and learn to have fun with it!

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Article written by Don Sahan, a contributing author for ProAce International blog.



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ByDr Dan Amzallag, PhD (Expert Mover)

20 years experience in the field of moving and relocation. Sharing tips and expertise in the proper ways to move, pack, and arrive at your destination. Managing Moverzfax.com, the leading consumer protection portal for the moving industry

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