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An irrevocable inquiry posed by any customer seeking the services of a Mover and Packer is- “which one is the best?”. Now, obviously, unless we do our homework, we aren’t going to get any answers. Trust is indeed a priceless thing. It’s perfectly okay to doubt any Movers and Packers organization, as we are the one spending a good dime on them, not the other way round!

Any move is a long move but a relocation that crosses state lines, either within the state or within a country is what properly qualifies as a “long move”. A “long move” demands government approval. Luckily for you, The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a division of the United States Department of Transportation controls interstate moving organizations and they run the business seamlessly making it entirely hassle-free for you. Thus, before you hand over yourself to a contract with a mover, ensure that you utilize the nuts and bolts given by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) so that you are one step ahead of your friends who are still mulling over “which mover, which mover”!

While the whole ordeal is absolutely stressing, we recommend you to calm your taut muscles and loosen-up your nerves. Listen to what we’ve got to tell you, and rock this move (pun unintended)!

  1. Working out the separation

Finding the ideal moving organization is no simple task. Once you decide to move and consult a mover, begin your research. Besides, make your mind up about every “how”- “How do I do this, how do I know which is the best mover, how should I choose the route, how, how, how…”. It’s a never-ending list, so instead of hitting it right off the bat, approach your needs with a critical eye.

  1. Working out a financial plan

Clearly, you are taking off to a new place, so it isn’t uncommon to be tormented about moving over places and items, in addition to stressing over the mover. After all, you are about to lose some money from your wallet and working out a financial plan to suit your tastes (and your belongings) is a sure priority. If you are moving following a job transfer, then your boss has to pay for your moving. That saves you from a lot of trouble now, doesn’t it?

Did you know that the Internal Revenue Service gives a funding for any moving, which incorporates both travel and hotel expenses notwithstanding the costs paid by the business? COOL.


  1. Working out the points of interest

Since you have now worked out a financial plan and you have advocated your hopes on the ideal mover you can hire in moving your luggage, and since all the expenses are taken care of; let’s get tending to the loose threads.


  • How will you categorize your new residence? Is it a flat, apartment suite or a house?
  • Do you think you have got enough room for the majority of your furniture and other stuff?
  • Do you think you need additional space for capacity and so forth?
  • When do you intend to clear out?
  • Are your moving dates settled or are they prone to change?
  • Lastly, the most obvious question… who will be your Mover?


  • Working your way through to locate the correct Mover


Browsing the web will help solve a major part of the dumbfounding equation. Google is well-equipped with the information we need, so we don’t have to go looking elsewhere for idyllic solutions. Make sure that you don’t act on a whim prior to checking out the credibility of any institution.

There are many moving organizations who offer a varied list of prices depending on the length of the trek, the condition of the particular vehicle that’ll be utilized for the purpose, the swiftness at which you want the belongings to be delivered, and the quantity you wish to process through them etcetera. You have to tick off another set of boxes regarding your mover- will they be able to handle your cargo in terms of capacity and conduct? If you can check them off without any hesitation, then you are free to sign a contract with them and good to go with the flow!


This blog was edited by Amalia Abbar from our Corporate Office.

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