What are you doing wrong while moving?

10 Jan by Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD (Expert Mover)

What are you doing wrong while moving?

Planning to move to a new house? There are a lot of steps needed to be taken before the breeze of residing at a new home. Your ornaments may break; you may have forgotten to pack something or thrown away a few boxes of clothes somewhere.


We have compiled a list of things you are doing wrong when you are moving.


  1. The packing material.


Although the packaging material may not be of your concern or you may not have put much thought into it, but the packaging material is of most prominence. The reason why your ornaments break or your plates crack is because is not stored with care. This can easily solved by segregating your things and spacing out stuff in the boxes to keep them light. If you are taking professional help (which is recommended), you can ask their surveyor to help you out with the number of boxes you’ll require and seek help for sorting and segregation.


  1. Know exactly what to pack.


Do not end up packing your whole house away- some things are meant to stay in your old house and not brought out of the place. Only pack the things you absolutely need and resonate with deeply. There are things like towels, toilet papers, chargers, pyjamas and change of clothes, things like this are essential to you on day that you move. Make sure that you have a checklist which has all the essentials and follow it till the time you are in your new home.


  1. Essentials need a different box.


This will ensure that you will take less time unpacking and you do not necessarily need to unpack immediately so it leaves a little time for leeway.


  1. Choose moving day carefully

Moving takes up way too much energy and it sucks you up from within. . According to statistics, the most busy day for moving is Friday and Monday and the worst hours are during noon and early evening, This is because most of the people choose to move on Friday as it gives them the whole weekend to unpack but we all know that it takes more than that to organize and completely sort out your house. Also the best time would be at the crack of dawn because it gives you the whole day to move and at the same time to rest.


  1. Think of a storage facility.


You may want to use up all your rooms for designated purposes but it is of importance to arrange a space to store all the things you do not want the public eye to be able to spot. This will allow having a great amount of space in your home and re-customizing art and decor whenever you want. This can sometimes be provided even by the movers itself.


  1. Take all the keys before moving.


This is common issues with the new tenants or residents with the houses. Usually the previous owners or agent forgets to give you some keys. It can maybe a key of the backdoor, a bedroom, on of the bedrooms or even garage which can later cause trouble on the day of moving. So make sure you all the keys to every room and every lock present in the house to avoid any trouble later on.


  1. Check every corner of the house.


Check that every spot of the house is cleared. Things may be left in your old house because they are in an unknown spot or spots that you have not checked properly!


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This article was written by Rudransh Mishra. I am just a guy from India who likes to write, am in love with photography and developing a career in engineering.


Article was edited by Sandra Leow.

ByDr Dan Amzallag, PhD (Expert Mover)

20 years experience in the field of moving and relocation. Sharing tips and expertise in the proper ways to move, pack, and arrive at your destination. Managing Moverzfax.com, the leading consumer protection portal for the moving industry

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