10 Jan by Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD (Expert Mover)

Tips to make relocating easier

Moving is a big deal. Unless all you own are a pair of t-shirt and jeans, this can prove to be a time-consuming and an overwhelming task. But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with these handy tips that’ll help you breeze through the entire process and before you know it, you’ll be settling in a new place.

  1. Start organizing early- Avoid leaving everything until the last moment. Unless it’s an unexpected move, you’d have anywhere between 1-2 months. Start organizing and packing early and so that your stuff sails smoothly. Use this time to itemize and label all your belongings so that nothing gets lost or broken in transit.
  2. Pack an overnight bag containing the essentials- Once you reach your new place, you may not be able to unpack the very same day. An overnight bag will help you access all your essential toiletries and clothes you may need. This is also a safe way to transport any small gadgets like laptops, phones etc. which can get stolen during moving.
  3. Figure out the best route to your new place- Make use of a map, GPS etc. to find the shortest, least traffic-prone route to your location. An efficient travel route will help in making sure you don’t waste your time stuck in traffic jams or feeding addresses a number of times in your GPS.
  4. Schedule a day to donate your items- While emptying your closet, segregate your clothes and donate everything that you no longer need. This is an effective way to reduce your belongings and also get into the habit of helping others in need.
  5. Put up your items for sale- Some items may be too valuable to give away for free or donate. Start selling them by putting them up on E-bay, Craigslist etc. You might be able to save some money in the process. This may take some time, so be sure to post these items online well in advance.
  6. Change your address- Try to update your new address at least 2 weeks prior to moving. This is applicable for quintessential utilities like gas, electricity etc. but is also equally important for things like banks, magazine subscriptions etc.
  7. Research and find the best packers and movers- It’s never an easy task to find the best movers. Put some effort into finding the best movers that will be suitable for your requirements since a moving company can make or break your entire moving process.
  8. Reuse boxes- You may require a number of extra boxes to pack your stuff. Keep in mind that smaller boxes are easier to carry through narrow pathways and stairs.
  9. Label Everything- Labeling is the key to reducing confusion and it helps to sort out items easily while moving and after settling in the new place.
  10. Make use of friends and family- If you are relying on friends and family to help out, be courteous and give them up to a month’s prior notice so that they can arrange their schedules accordingly.
  11. Take a picture of electronics- This helps connects wires in the correct slots after moving.
  12. When hiring movers know the details- Make sure to read the company’s list of services, policies, fine print, and refund and damage policies to prevent any hassles while moving. For example, some companies may move only boxes and may charge extra to move bags. Take care of all this before-hand to make moving-day problem free.
  13. Thank your movers- Make sure to take care of the people who help you. Whether its hired movers or friends and family, be sure to show your thanks by sharing food and getting drinks for everyone.

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This article was edited by Amalia Abbar from our Corporate Office.

ByDr Dan Amzallag, PhD (Expert Mover)

20 years experience in the field of moving and relocation. Sharing tips and expertise in the proper ways to move, pack, and arrive at your destination. Managing Moverzfax.com, the leading consumer protection portal for the moving industry


  1. Thanks for this blog. I learned a lot from this blog. This blog is very helpful to those who are planning to move to their new home. Especially to those who are first-timer. I hope you post more tips so that we can learn more and we can apply it to our plan for a home relocation.

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