Selection process when searching for movers online. Cheap is not always best quality

10 Jan by Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD (Expert Mover)

Selection process when searching for movers online. Cheap is not always best quality

The process of selecting reputed packers and movers is a tedious one.  If you are a novice and it’s your first time, then the first thing you’d do is to make use of a search engine. The list provided will be huge with infinite options and you’ll most likely be in a fix as to which one to choose. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Here is a list of qualities to keep in mind so that you know you are hiring the best.


  • List it out- Since it’s practically impossible to talk to each and every company, make a short list of the well trusted and reputed companies that you would like to choose from. This will provide some clarity and help save time.


  • Customer feedback- After making a list, check out the website of the company and read through the customer feedback. It’s a reliable way of judging the level of services provided by the company. Never go for a deal with a company that has bad reviews.



  • Experience- Like any industry, experience counts in movers too. Try to opt for a company that has been in business for at least 10 years or more. Choose a company that has experience in dealing with different types of clients. Remember, the experienced ones are easier to deal with and careful with handling your belongings. So there won’t be any problems or delay from their side.


  • Flexible with relocation- There are companies which deal with residential relocation or commercial relocation. Residential relocation deals are comparatively small deals and less cost effective from the company point of view, while corporate relocations have reversed situations. Always try to choose a company that handles both types of clients as they treat all clients professionally and equally.


  • Packing techniques- Today many companies employ newer, safer and more cost effective methods of packaging unlike the old methods of packaging using cardboard boxes. Therefore always enquire about the methods of packaging used by the company before breaking a deal.


  • Affordable pricing- Never get manipulated by company size and the variety of options they offer they may not always turn out to be as good as expected. Instead, go for a small or medium sized company that has proved their mettle and offers affordable pricing for their services.


So keep all these tips in mind while deciding who to hire and make sure your move is an enjoyable one without burning a hole in your pocket.


Edited by: Sandra Leow


ByDr Dan Amzallag, PhD (Expert Mover)

20 years experience in the field of moving and relocation. Sharing tips and expertise in the proper ways to move, pack, and arrive at your destination. Managing, the leading consumer protection portal for the moving industry

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