Questions to ask to your packers and movers prior to moving.

10 Jan by Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD (Expert Mover)

Questions to ask to your packers and movers prior to moving.

Whether you have already gone through the relocation phase or it’s your first time relocating, you will have to agree with the fact that packing and moving all the stuff from hither to thither is a tough job. The easier alternative for the same in modern times is to hire some professional movers and packers to do the task for you. But you have to be very meticulous while choosing a moving and packing company. Before hiring any professional, you have to check off some really important points. It’s imperative to get the following questions answered before you hire them-

How long have you been in this business?

Actually, a long history doesn’t necessarily have to advocate for high quality but yes, experience matters. At least, their company should be registered. Confirm the same by asking them for their license number. Moreover, a good track record of punctuality and the general opinions of their knack to deliver goods appositely will make you feel more satisfied.

Will you be able to put your commitment into words?

A genuine and professional mover and packer company will accept this suggestion heartily and their consent would indicate their professionalism. In case they don’t see what you say eye to eye, then they have got some hoax under their wraps. Don’t trust them or their sugarcoated words blindly. You have to always sign a contract, after which you can get to chat them up.

Are you going to outsource the work or do it yourself?

This is another important question that must be posted. Many of the companies have outsourcers or subcontracts to whom they assign the work. If they are outsourcing the work, then make sure your needs and necessities are passed over to the subcontractors with priority. Everything must be crystal-clear.

Can we talk money now?

It’s quite important to talk about rates and estimates before hiring the professionals. Ask them about their methods of charging the money i.e. if it is on an hourly basis or on the basis of weight. Moreover, confirm the mode of payment with the company. These may sound a tad insignificant but these facts are crucial for the selection of a good company. At times, some of the movers and packers company may charge extra for certain materials. To avoid any confusion that may come up later, you gotta clear the waters by being point-blank. Therefore, ask them: What is the kind of extra service you deliver?


Asking about insurance is mandatory. Enquire about their liability coverage, about the workings of their insurance policies and how much are they willing to provide for any damage that may come about during the shipment. The company ought to offer your precious goods the extreme care it deserves.

How long would it take to move?

Verify with them if they can follow the deadlines or not. Ask them about the compensation they are ready to grant you if in case they couldn’t deliver the service on time.

So, these are some important questions which you must consider while hiring packers and movers. Once you are sure that their answers are satisfactory, you will have a stress free move.


This blog was edited by Amalia Abbar from our Corporate Office.

ByDr Dan Amzallag, PhD (Expert Mover)

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