Items to be handled with care while wrapping

9 Jan by Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD (Expert Mover)

Items to be handled with care while wrapping

Article written by: Ankush Tandon, a contributing author for, the leading consumer protection portal for the moving industry.


Sorry to disappoint, but you CAN’T move houses in a day. Planning is a necessary course of action for moving, and if you don’t plan even a little, don’t complain in the end saying, “I forgot my heirloom!”, or something equally priceless (pun unintended). Take time off your work if you have to because moving is no breeze. You don’t plan a day before but a month prior to the looming relocation. You just don’t name your residence but also your belongings. Decide what’ll go along with you to the new place, and start packing them all away in neat cardboard boxes. Identify the fragile items with a mark so that once the Movers lot hurry in, they see that you have done your part! You didn’t expect them to do the packing for you now, did you?

Choose the correct box for packing and shipping fragile items

Go for an elongated box that is capable of handling delicate and fragile items and make sure that you embed them with Styrofoam so that it not only holds the material tighter but it also ensures its safety. Follow these steps for effective packaging-

  • Weigh and take measurements of all the items.
  • Choose a box that is double-walled and perfectly fits the measurements. This guarantees double protection than that which is offered by normal packing.
  • An additional method is to stack them in a pile by filling the slits with hard cardboard.

If you can carry out packaging neatly, one half of the spring of your worry is put to sleep!

Here are the six tricks for stuffing expensive items!

  1. Make use of all the time on your hands: If you are a procrastinator, it’s no surprise if you dumped the entire wardrobe into your boxes (which smell like Queen Victoria’s stockings, by the way) and ended up with a crick in the neck just so you tried to carry it over the states. You could have avoided all the hassle if you took a little time off every day of the month following your decision to move. Be organized and take it a step ahead a day.
  2. Use brilliant headrest material: Get some bubble wraps and high-quality wrapping papers for your delicate household items. Prevention is always better than cure.
  3. Small boxes should be placed under bigger one: After stuffing your crockery, glass accessories, etc in miniature cardboard boxes, try to get hold of longer boxes so as to accommodate the miniature ones in it. This will ensure that the items don’t jostle and collide with each other at the time of transportation.
  4. Choose your cartons wise: Get the best quality cartons as they are durable in nature and will maintain its condition for a long time. You can always count on them for your next “big move”.
  5. Arrange items as per their mass: Try to place the lighter items atop the heavier ones while packing because this will provide a tight base for the former.

Now, the next step of accredited and timely delivery will be ensured by the concerned Packer and Mover. If in case their services aren’t satisfactory by a long shot, you can always post a complaint.

This blog was edited by Amalia Abbar from our Corporate Office.



ByDr Dan Amzallag, PhD (Expert Mover)

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