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Packaging Materials and Packing Tips

All Packing supplies mentioned below are available at any packing store in your area. However, since we purchase packing materials in bulk from manufacturers, we can offer the materials to you at discount. Most of our packing supplies are less expensive that what you can find in retail chains. Purchasing your packing materials from us at a discount will save you time and money. You can purchase the supplies ahead of time and if, for any reason, you find yourself with extra supplies at the end of your move, you can return them unused, for a full refund.

We are here to make your move affordable.  Thank you for choosing ProAce International for your moving needs.

Book Boxes

Book Box
Size: 1.5 Cu. Ft
Price: $1.99


Books, heavy pots, tools, small appliances. Perfect protection for all your important documents and paperwork. Will stand out among the sea of other boxes making it easy to find your important files!

Medium Box
Size: 3.1 Cu. Ft
Price: $2.99


Toys, small kitchen items, dry food items, bathroom items, small lamp shades.

Large Box
Size: 4.5 Cu. Ft
Price: $3.99


Box Pillows, comforters, sports equipment, lamp shades.

X-large box
Size:6.1 Cu. Ft
Price: $4.99


Double wall strength, ideal for bulk packing of heavy items, artwork, frames and mirrors.

Dish Pack China box
Size:5.2 Cu. Ft
Price: $6.99


This is a heavy duty box for fragile items. Accommodates 1 dozen dinner plates, salad plates or bowls PER box. Great for pantry items or soft goods. Collectibles, glasses, dishes.

Ward Robe box with bar.
Price: $10.99


Hanging clothes, blankets, non-delicate items, hanging draperies. keeping your items clean and wrinkle free during your move.

TV/Computer screen box
Price: $8.99


Protect your television and/or computer monitor - up to 19" screens.

TV monitor box
Price: $9.99


Protect your television up to 27" screens.

Electronic Box
Price: $6.99


Protect your valuable VCRs, CD Players, CPUs, DVDs, and all other electronic and stereo equipment.

Mirror Box
Price: $8.99


Large mirrors, framed pictures, glass table tops.

Lamp box
Price: $4.99


Table lamps, golf clubs, yard and garden tools.

Golf bag box
Price: $4.99


Protect your expensive golf clubs and bag from loss during your move.

Keyboard box
Price: $1.99


Great for protecting your keyboard.

    Protective Packaging Supplies
Sold by yard
Price: 99 cents


Perfect protection for your smaller, fragile items. Perforated every 12 inches. Bubbles are approximately the size of dimes.

Sold by yard
Price: $1.29 


Perfect for fine china, collectibles, glassware and other bigger fragile items.

  Tissue paper pads
Price: $2.99


Used to protect oil paints to avoid sweating of picture and paint leaks during moving.

Sold per box
Price: $9.99


Use it for wrapping items, keeping your belongings clean and your hands free of ink.

Box Sealing Tape
Price: 99 cents


For securing all boxes. Longer than a football field!

Marking Pens
Price: 99 cents


This thick, black marker will help leave specific room and handling instructions on each box.

Labels - "Fragile Alert" 3" x 5" (Quantity 40)
Price: $


One more precaution never hurts! Identify breakable, fragile items

Tag-A-Room Labels - 140
Price: $


Keep your move organized! A color coded label system for your boxes by room. 140 labels per pack. The entire family can get involved; young children who know their colors but yet cant read will know what room the items belong in!



Notice: Delivery days are Sunday and Tuesday between 8:00am to 4:00pm. Please be advised that all prices and delivery dates mentioned above are subject to change. You should contact our customer service department for all updated prices on our packing supplies as well of changes for delivery days. 

Packing TIPS

List of TIPS:
How do you need to handle glass, fragile and electronic items?
How do you pack your dishes, electronic items, pictures, TV and computer monitor?
Steps to follow when moving.


As a common mistake, most customers use the wrong boxes to pack fragile items, such as ceramic/glass tables lamps, statues, electronics, DVD, VCR, china dishes etc. Repercussions can be detrimental. You do need to protect your items adequately to avoid mishaps. The following are some tips on how to choose the appropriate boxes. 

  • Book Boxes: These boxes are to be used for books. You can add CD's, videotapes, office files, and other small items. Book boxes provide perfect protection for all your important documents and paperwork.

  • Medium Boxes: They provide good protection for toys, small kitchen items, dry food items, bathroom items, small lamp shades. Do not use these boxes for books. 

  • Large boxes: Great for Box Pillows, comforters, sports equipment, lamp shades.

    Note: For all of the above, make sure to fill the boxes all the way to the top to prevent box breakage.

    • Wardrobe boxes: You can always stack small and light items, such as shoes, handbags, pillows, blankets prior to placing the bar in order to place your clothing. You can even add a dining chair that you want to protect from any scratches or dents.

      How to handle glass, fragile and electronic items.

      For those items, there is a special box called china box/dish pack. This box is more rigid and can handle more weight.  It is designed for these items specifically. You should use this box for your fragile belongings, such as stereo equipment, other glass and ceramic fragile items.
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    How do you pack your dishes, electronic items, table lamps, pictures, TV and computer screens?

    Let's start with the dishes!
  • Always make sure to solidify the bottom of the box by using lots of sealing tape to avoid spillage.
  • Make sure to use thick bubble wrap to protect your dishes and avoid breakage during transit. Especially when it comes to china dish sets, they are extremely valuable and should be well protected.
  • You must avoid putting all the dishes on top of each other. Place each plate standing up, side by side! Always make sure to use the proper protecting materials for the dishes, such as white newsprint paper. Some use old newspaper to wrap their dishes, however, you will not enjoy tasting the ink on your plate during your future dinners. Most times, the old newspaper ink will run and dirty your dish set. Be proactive and avoid using newspaper.

    As for electronic items:
  • Amplifiers, DVD/VCR players, Video cameras, boom boxes, stereo speakers, C.P.U's (Central Processing Units), printers and fax machines should be placed in dishpack boxes to protect them from any damages. The china box will reduce the probability of damages.

    As for table lamps:
  • For ceramic or glass table lamps, we recommend using the dish pack box. Simply surround them with lots of bubble wrap ( use the thick kind of bubble wrap for added protection).

    * Please note: For all of the above, we don't recommend using other boxes besides the dish pack, since they are not strong enough and can get smashed or break under pressure.

    As for pictures:
  • Surround the picture with bubble wrap. Place the picture in the box and seal the box with sealing tape. Since most picture boxes are two part boxes, one on top of the other. To close it, you will need to tape the opening to avoid separation during transit.

    As for TV and computer monitors:
    • A special box is available that comes in different sizes. Small, medium and large. Our packing materials price sheet (mentioned above) can give you a good idea on how they look. Simply surround the TV or computer screen with lots of bubble wrap  and place them in the box to prevent movement. This can be sufficient to avoid any discontent when opening the box after the move. Back to top

    Several steps to follow when moving

    Step 1: Pack One Room At A Time
  • Tackle one room at a time and put things in boxes with a view to where they'll be in the new house. For example, items that were originally placed in your bedroom drawer should be placed in the garage. Don't tape your boxes until they are ready to be placed in the truck. There can always be last minute change and you'll need to add more items in the box.
  • You can sell any items you no longer need in a yard sale before your move. "EVERYTHING is for sale" as everyone knows, so you might as well make a few bucks. Unsold items can be given to charity, they will definitely appreciate it. And remember donating goods is a tax credit.
  • Number the rooms of the new house and make sure that all boxes are numbered, depending on what boxes goes where. If your kids room have several boxes, make sure to number them so the movers will place them in the right location in the house. You will not need to open all boxes and find out where your kids diapers are.
  • Unfortunately, it is common for movers to be tempted to keep in their position some of your belongings, especially if the box title mention: "Mom jewelry box". Avoid mentioning this on the box. Find new titles which only you and your family members knows what's the content.
  • Movers charge by the hour, so pack and move as much as you can to somewhere close to the door that they will be using to remove your contents. Remember to leave a clear path, in case certain items need to be put at the front of the truck.
  • Avoid placing flammable goods in boxes, propane tanks, kitchen cleaning products. If in the truck and spills during transit, it can damages all your furniture. Purchase a big sealed plastic container that will keep these items secure from spilling.

    Step 2: Important Documents
  • Insurance Papers, Birth Certificates, Stock Certificates, fine collectibles and sensitive materials kept on computer disks are far more important to you than a box of dishes. We will advise you to pack them yourself, and put them in your car. You will be sure that it will surely arrive at destination.
  • Items such as these can be very susceptible to water damage, fire damage or spillage. If these paper are valuable to you, you will need to protect them adequately.

    Step 3: Make them available quickly
  • It takes time and patience to unpack arrived at destination. However, you will need to make some items available to you when arriving on your new site. Make sure you have paper plates, cups and plastic eating utensils, napkins and paper towels so that your family can have something to eat without needing to do unpacking first.
  • Have handy a can opener on hand, scissors, utility knife, a pot for cooking, dish soap, trash bags, a few towels and a quick meal to defrost and put into the microwave.
  • Take a cooler along with you. A good-sized cooler with a couple of pounds of ice can keep your food at the right temperature for a good day or so, especially in a long distance haul.
  • Take along instant beverages such as instant coffee, tea and bottled water.
  • Don't forget the basic toiletries - and always have toilet paper!
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    Please, for any other questions regarding packing or other inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us at 301-610-7563 and ask for our packing instructor. Or simply email us at


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