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Choosing the right Moving Company can be challenging!
Let us show you how we can make your move headache-free at more affordable prices!

No need to look further. ProAce Moving and Storage is your ONE STOP SHOP for total relocation service. We can get your old house ready for the new buyers with the participation of our full service cleaning crew and prior to arriving to destination, your new house will be all up and ready with the help of the same crew. For more information, click here.

ProAce International Moving and Storage is here to service ALL your needs. We specializes in residential and commercial moves. 

Moving homes and businesses is our specialty and we look forward to having you as a part of our very satisfied clientele. Please read what our Customers have to say about us!

Moving insurance is an important investment to guarantee your belongings while in transit. We are partner with insurance brokers that can guide you through the process of moving policy. If you are looking for additional insurance, contact our insurance brokers at your earliest convenience.     


At ProAce International Moving and Storage our customers are our #1 priority.  We are here to make your move as easy as possible.  Please review our suggested check list to help you plan your move. 

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Moving to Maryland:

DATELINE: Moving to or anywhere around the state of Maryland has become increasingly popular. The Washington DC area and its suburbs have been confronted with an increase amount of people moving to this state. In retrospect, many moving companies have helped to this new trend. New businesses are opening to cater this increase of population with services and products offered to their new residents. Suburbs in Maryland are booming with successful businesses. Moving companies have contributed to ease transport of household goods to this famous state.

The state of Maryland is facing a tremendous boom for the upcoming year. Real estate has reached its peak when it comes to house sales and moving companies are helping real estate companies to serve their loyal buyers/sellers. Even though moving companies are known to have a bad reputation, other companies are doing their best to show honesty, professionalism and hard work towards their customers.

The Better Business Bureau receives complaints in a regular basis when it comes to movers due to the fact that some moving companies are acting as overnight operations. Other moving companies are working hard in erasing this bad reputation. The best advice given to customer is to shop around for moving companies, to contact your local Better Business Bureau and find out about the company you will be dealing with.

Buyers beware! A moving company can make your move go smoothly or make it a real nightmare. It is your responsibility to search for moving companies that has been in business for several years and have interstate license operation.

As a smart buyer, you will need to understand that intrastate movers (moving within the state) are not regulated by the Department Of Transportation (DOT) so they do not need to publish their tariffs (prices for the move). In return, they can change their moving rates at their convenience. Interstate movers are obligated to stick to their published tariffs when they are registered by the DOT, they will need to send you an official USDOT number that you can actually check at the Department of Transportation.

Moving to Maryland is an exciting new change. The nation’s capital can be only a few minutes away, depending where you are moving to.

Make sure that your move will be the most exciting adventure in the brisk of a New Year. Have a happy and safe NEW YEAR!!!!

From the team of ProAce Moving and Storage.