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Move Planning Checklist

The following is a checklist that may be used to prepare for your move. Time periods will vary depending on each individual.

6-8 Weeks before move

4-5 Weeks before move

3 Weeks before move

2 Weeks before move

1 Week before move

Moving Day!


6-8 Weeks before move

  • Organization is the key for a smooth move and this is the time to start working on the details of your move.
  • Determine the weight of the shipment.  The amount of packing performed by the mover contributes to the cost of the move.
  • Determine the items that you will pack yourself and those that you wish the mover to pack.
  • Call non-profit organizations and give away items that you no longer need and make arrangements for their disposal (yard sale, gifts to charitable organizations or family and friends).

4-5 Weeks before move

  • Order the necessary packing material such as boxes, bubble wrap.  Be sure to identify which boxes are necessary for the move.  Labeling is key. 
  •  Identify the contents of each box and the room in which it is to be placed at destination.
  • Arrange for applicable information to be provided by schools for children transferring from one establishment to the other.

    3 Weeks before move
  • Call the current utility and phone companies to disconnect services the day of the move.
  • Call the same companies from above and reconnect your service is the new location.
  • Where necessary reserve elevators and/or loading docks. If Condo or apartment building, locate these elevators.

    2 Weeks before move
  • Alert friends and family new changes of addresses to contact you.
  • Make the new change of addresses at the post office to transfer your mail to a new location. Click here for more information.
  • Arrange for the discontinuation or transfer of delivery services (newspapers, magazines, etc...).

    1 Week before move
  • Work on appliances that need to be ready for the move, such as freezers, refrigerator.
  • Make arrangements for moving costs and other expenses
  • Pickup information from schools to be transferred to location.

    Moving day!
  • Provide the new phone number and all other phone numbers where you can be reached while shipment is in transit. Make sure to take along the destination agent's name, address and telephone number.
  • Provide the driver with clear directions to your new home
  • Let ProAce International Moving and Storage handle all the rest!



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